Utility videos can often present assembly work in a particularly clear, efficient and comprehensible manner.

Especially in the area of manufacturing, production and service, utility vdeos offer advantages you won’t want to miss anymore.

A professional appearance and compliance with your corporate design are naturally guaranteed.

We can publish the videos on different channels:

  • as app for iOS and Andoroid
  • as password protected website
  • as Windows/Macintosh application

Legal requirements

Utility videos cannot be used in all cases for technical documentation. In addition to didactic questions, which always depend on the target group and product, legal requirements are also important.

Utility videos become a real option whenever we can assume that users or service technicians are familiar with security requirements. Videos will not replace the classic operating manual, which must be enclosed in printed form with most machines (status: 2020).

Nevertheless, utility videos help to illustrate activities and functions that can be performed safely, but are difficult to explain with words.

In combination with printed documents, utility videos offer optimal comprehensibility and legal security. Utility videos should have a firm place in the documentation of service and manufacturing work. In view of the high complexity of products and processes, utility videos are becoming a competitive advantage, especially in highly technical and international companies.

We also offer technologies with which know-how can be protected against unauthorized access in the best possible way.