We make products, devices, software and services understandable. To do this, we use numerous media such as

  • Manuals
  • E-learnings
  • Utility video
  • Animations
  • Apps
  • Help files

Technical documentation

Manuals and instructions

Technical documents such as operating manuals are in good hands with us. With our technical editing department we support you in the creation of all kinds of technical documents based on current laws and recognized standards.

We work professionally with Microsoft Word or an efficient XML-based editorial system. The advantage of an editorial system is that the content can easily be reused in several documents.

We are familiar with the following document types:

  • Operating instructions / manuals
  • Installation Instructions
  • Software Help
  • Software Manuals
  • Utility videos


Web-based Training

We would be pleased to show you efficient and proven possibilities to use e-learning in your company. We are very familiar with the didactic requirements of e-learning.


Animations offer the advantage that they make technical content comprehensible at a glance. Our animations are ideal for training and marketing.

Our animations are lossless scalable and are especially suitable for presentation on large screens and high-resolution displays. The requirements of learning research have also been taken into account.

There are different types of animations that we can create for you. On the following page you will get an overview.

Reasons for good documentation

Reduce liability risks: Studies show that documentation in the area of product liability is just as important as the actual product.

Relieve service: High-quality technical documents help to avoid queries and service calls. The satisfaction of your customers increases.

Marketing: Comprehensibility is also important for the marketing of products. Purchase decisions today are more dependent on a large amount of technical information.

Reasons for us as a service provider

Compliance and legal certainty: As a service provider, we are very familiar with the legal requirements. We also offer this in the e-learning sector.

Instrctional design: Our documents take into account didactic and learning psychology findings.

Modern media: We use state-of-the-art media to provide the best possible user experience. In addition to texts, we also provide apps, animations and videos.